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Do you need money again, and are you considering a second loan with Moneyman? Please read carefully

Moneyman only offers his first credit without interest. Once you are a customer, if you need a second loan, it is advisable to find out beforehand and see what its advantages are and whether it is convenient to request it or not.

Interest on the second loan in Moneyman to all its clients

We have carefully read all the terms and conditions for customers who have already requested money for the first time. Based on the data provided by the company, the daily interest applied to a second Moneyman loan varies depending on the amounts and are as follows:

  • €400 for 62 days with 0.98% daily.
  • Up to €900 over 62 days with 0.89% daily and the possibility of repaying it in two installments.
  • After the second loan, you can reach €1,100 in 62 days with 0.89% daily, also in two installments.
  • Past that level, the company allows installments of three months with up to €1,300 at 0.89% daily.
  • Finally, some customers also work with three-month installments and up to €1,600 in credit. The company does not provide interest on this loan

Make a money forecast before requesting your second loan with Moneyman

Many people may have liquidity problems when paying a fee, and in these cases. regardless of whether it is the second Moneyman loan or the first the company applies a claim fee of €33 and interest for late payment of 1.30% per day from the first calendar day following the return date .

Why request a second loan from Moneyman

Moneyman reviews and opinions
In addition to not applying for Asnef, in many cases the convenience of having to seek immediate liquidity makes us use the services of a second loan with Moneyman and in this way we avoid paperwork.

In addition to this, the agility with which we receive the money, and the possibility of paying it off immediately allows us to have a low-cost wallet for times when expenses and income do not match well.

Why do many users request the second loan in Moneyman?

There are different reasons why a user of this company usually continues with their services. Normally it is due to a lack of timely liquidity that coincides with the fact that money will be received shortly, for example, a tenant can request a second loan from Moneyman to pay the rent and return it in full when collecting his salary in a few days.

Inform yourself well in the reviews before asking for quick credits in Moneyman

We leave you the link to the full review of Moneyman so you can find out more details of the conditions and reasons for requesting second and third loans. Also, this is the Moneyman’s code of ethics, you can review it.

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