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BitPanda, reviews and opinions

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Bitpanda is an online platform that allows you to make financial investments online in real time. You can also use your funds in real payments with a valid personal Visa card anywhere in the world.

How BitPanda works from the APP or the computer

If you want to make investments from the APP, or if you prefer to work from your computer, BitPanda’s operation is simple and you can complete it in four easy steps.

  • First of all, create an account on the official website.
  • Second, check your identity. Don’t worry, data processing is completely secure.
  • Then just add funds from any bank account.
  • Finally, you can use those funds to make investments or sell stocks, Crypto, ETFs, commodities etc. and collect profits.

Use your funds from your BitPanda account to pay anywhere

One of the great advantages of having an account on this investment platform is that they provide you with a Visa debit card. according to BitPanda’s review, you can use that card to pay at any establishment that accepts Visa.

Invest in any type of asset with BitPanda

BitPanda reviews and opinions
Thanks to the fact that you can make investments from €1.00 and that you don’t need more than €25 to start investing, the BitPanda trading platform allows you to make several investments and practice live with little money.

In addition to this, you have at your disposal a real index of crypto assets with which you can operate instantly and diversify any investment in cryptocurrencies, shares, ETFs, metals, raw materials.

Send money from your Bitpanda account to any bank in seconds

Thanks to the fact that this platform is regulated and complies with all EU regulations, you can make all kinds of payments to bank accounts. that is, you can send money from your Bitpanda account to any IBAM in the EU and other accredited countries.

Zero fees on the Bitpanda Visa Card

If you have an account and assets within the Bitpanda investment platform, you can request a Visa debit card. This card currently works in establishments with a Visa POS according to the official review, and you can pay with it as long as there are funds available, just like on the Revolut.

Conclusions and final assessments of the Bitpanda review

For people without notions of investing in the stock market, in Cryptos or in any other type of assets, it is advisable to use the Savings Plan and learn how the market works. It is important to note the volatility of the products, and work only with those that are stable.

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