Revolut account with prepaid card

Revolut account, reviews and opinions

Get your Revolut account without fees or commissions

The Revolut account is one of the best international wallets that you can use. it is much more than a card, it allows you all kinds of transactions, and its wallet card is the safest option to travel, send money or keep your accounts together.

More than 25 currencies with real exchange and the lowest commission thanks to the Revolut account

Thanks to the fact that only between a 0.06% and a 0.08% difference is applied below the official exchange rate provided by the ECB, with the Revolut account you will have the maximum when sending money to any of the more than 125 available countries safely.

If you work abroad, the Revolut account covers everything you need

In addition to sending money, this tool allows you dozens of operations from your APP that can have much higher costs with other banks. The Revolut account among other things can do the following:

  • Send money home or to relatives in any country.
  • Settle international invoices from suppliers, companies you work with, etc. and without costs in currency exchanges.
  • Send money via SWIFT with the lowest fees on the market.
  • Transfers to cards of all kinds knowing the details of the recipient.
  • On top of all this, instant transfers to digital wallets coming soon.
  • P2P payments for a large number of countries (check availability by area).

Travel safely with the Revolut account wallet card

Revolut reviews and opinions
Thanks to the flexibility of the wallet cards, which allow you to recharge them with the amount you want and use them without going over the limit, you can use your Revolut account as a security barrier against loss or theft, since you can recover the money at any time .

In addition to this, whenever you need it, you can top up the funds on the card from your bank account with the real-time exchange rate, so that you always have liquidity without losing value to your savings due to currency exchanges.

The best APP to send money is with the Revolut account

With a user rating of more than 4.5 out of 5, this is possibly the most valued app in its category. In addition, the Revolut account APP is one of the safest and most reliable against any type of loss or theft.

Zero fees between transfers to cards from other Revolut accounts

Another of the great advantages of this online banking APP is that it allows you to carry out transactions with zero commissions both between Revolut accounts and between the cards of its users. On the other hand, commissions for cards outside this company range from 0.7%.

Review all Revolut premium account terms

For greater transparency, it is advisable to review all the terms and conditions that apply to premium accounts in order to know the exact details of use. You can view them from here.
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