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In this review we are going to talk about Vivus, one of the fast credit companies that has grown the most in recent years and to which more and more users request a loan if they need fast money (currently up to €600) without having to go to a conventional bank or financial institution. Next we are going to explain a little more about what it consists of and the opinions of its clients.

What is Vivus fast credit and how it works

Vivus Finance is a formerly European financial company, with registered office Calle Albasanz 14, ground floor, 28037 currently called 4FINANCE SPAIN FINANCIAL SERVICES, S.A.U. whose best-known service is the granting of so-called Vivus personal loans, to which You can access without payroll and always being over 21 years of age and under 76 years of age.

Get money in a few minutes in your account with the Vivus fast credit APP

Vivus reviews and opinions
Thanks to the improved APP of the banking platform, you can connect your account from any bank with the Vivus fast credit gateway and carry out the quick loan procedures in minutes.

In addition to this, your data is always protected and the company guarantees its use exclusively for its purpose, that is, the granting of the mini loan and the calculation of the limits and repayment terms.

This is the most common process to repay the Vivus loan

The user or borrower may fully repay the loan at the expiration of the monthly term or 30 days, thus applying the advantages of the initial offer that are obtained when taking out a Vivus loan, or by Otherwise, you can extend the term of said credit in order to return it in comfortable terms, always within a period within thirty calendar days once said extension is requested.

Avoid any delay in paying quick Vivus loans

The costs of the extension of the term of the Vivus loan, will be those that are deducted from the simulator of the Website and that will be communicated to the borrower by sending the Particular Conditions. Once the extension period is over, the borrower must pay the total amount derived from the requested loan to the Vivus bank account. You can request a quick loan at Vivus by following the button below:

Characteristics of the Vivus loan

These are the most notable characteristics of the Vivus loans and that we think it is worth mentioning, both negative and positive:

  • The client can request a Vivus credit of up to €600
  • 0% of costs up to the first €300 borrowed.
  • The borrower receives the money instantly when Vivus fast credit approves the loan.
  • They are small quantities with up to 30 days of return.
  • In the event of any problem repaying the amounts, the loan can be extended for another 30 days.
  • They have online support.
  • On the contrary, and in a slightly negative way, when the terms of the Vivus loan are extended, the interests are slightly high and the product becomes more expensive

With all this, we can make a positive assessment for those who need money quickly and in a timely manner, but not so much for very regular and continuous uses. You can see more in our comparison of quick loans.

Reviews and opinions about Vivus and its fast credit services

In the portals recommended by, we look at both positive and negative opinions, and we have not really seen a large number of negative ones, on the other hand, opinions that are not excessively positive, but that speak well of the page and the Vivus credit services, we have found many, which makes us think that we can recommend the services of this portal, in case there is any real complaint, the users of can always contact us and help us offer a better image. veracious of those portals that we recommend.

Tax data from the fast credit company Vivus

  • Commercial name: VIVUS
  • CIF: A-86521309
  • Registered Office: Calle Albasanz 14, ground floor, 28037

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